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Who Hauls it to the truck?

We send two washer dryer removal specialists to pick up, haul away and recycle your old, broken or unwanted washer dryer combo. Busby washer dryer haulers know that there may be special issues with these appliances, electrical hook ups, or water lines and are trained to ask about these conditions. We prefer that the machines are disconnected before we arrive, but if you need us to unhook them we can do this for you.

What do you use to remove my washer dryer?

We use the Busby Junk Truck, which has tools and handtrucks for the pick up of your washer and dryer. The two crew men that pick up your unwanted washer dryer are strong and can lift them easily into the truck.

Junk Washer Dryer Pick Up Service WA

Yard Waste

What do we do with the Washer/Dryer?

Washing and Drying Machines are fully recycleable, and are sometimes reuseable. If they are reuseable, which is somewhat rare we will either donate or sell them. If they are not, we will recycle the units at a metal recycling facility.

How much does it cost for washer dryer pick up?

You pay for the amount of junk that you fill up in the truck, if you have just a washer dryer combo, it would be a minimum pick up fee of $99. This price includes the pick up, haul away, disposal and tax. If you need more than washer dryer removal, we can accomodate your needs with our box truck. Please let us know what else you have and we will try to give you an accurate estimate over the phone.

When the crew arrives onsite they will give you a free price estimate based on the amount of space that they think it will fill up in the truck. If you have a pile you can input the dimension into our junk estimator or check out our pricing page.