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Television Removal and TV Recycling

old televisionDoes your old TV need to be hauled away for recycling? If you've tried to donate your old TV (working or not), you may have found that old CRT type television sets are often not accepted for donation and must be taken to an electronics recycling facility for disposal.

So what are your options to dispose of your TV?
One quick and easy option: Call Busby Junk Removal, and we'll come pick up your unwanted TV at your home or business. You can call Busby at 1-877-404-5865, or book your TV hauling online.

If you live near a recycling station and don't have other junk that you need Busby Junk Removal to haul, it may be more cost effective to haul away the TV yourself. You can take your old television to a few different places, one of these is Total Reclaim, a recycling center for old electronics and refrigerator units. We store the tvs collected from you and have them picked up in large quantities. We have an account with them due to the high volume of recycling that we do through them. Unfortunately they will not pick up televisions on location (unless you have a large volume). If you would like to remove your TV yourself you can visit Total Reclaim, which is located in South Seattle, at 2200 6th Ave. South Seattle, WA 98134.

TV Removal Cost

How much will it cost to remove a Big Screen TV?
If you'd like to have a bigscreen removed, the cost of removal, hauling and recycling the television would be our minimum charge $109*.

*A few smaller items could be added to this load to make it a full minimum load (up to 60 cubic feet) at no extra cost.

Volume TV Recycling

TV Hauling: High Volume Rates

What is the price to remove 25 TVs using Busby's Junk Pick-Up Service?
Well, it depends on the total volume of the TVs relative to the bed size of our junk trucks.

If, for example, your TV sets were all 25" models, and you had 25 of them, it would fill up about half a truckload, at a total cost of $349.

More info about junk removal volume prices

Schedule a TV Pick-Up

For fast television pickup and recycling services, just call Busby at 1-877-404-5865!

Schedule a Television Removal Online

...Or schedule TV removal online and save $10 instantly!

New Television Recycling Regulations

New Washington State Law Eliminates TV Disposal Fees
Since January 1st 2009 TV manufacturers have been covering the cost of television disposal. In the past, tv owners or junk haulers would drop off old TVs at local electronic recycling centers and pay a fee. The fees for tv disposal ranged from $20 to $150 per television. Now that the fees are covered, dropping off a TV does not cost anything besides the cost of pick up and transport.

Busby Junk Removal passes along these new savings to our customers entirely. Our customers do not have to pay for any electronic waste (E-Waste) surcharges. Our television pickup prices are based on our standard junk removal pricing, which is based on the volume of the TV along with any other junk you'd like us to remove.

You can check out our junk truck or junk materials accepted to see how and what we haul.

E-Cycle Washington Logo

Busby Junk Removal is an E-Cycle Washington partner. E-Cycle Washington was formed to reduce the cost and increase the volume of e-waste recycling in Washington.