Text for FAST quote:
Text for FAST quote:
Can you estimate the cost to pick up a 60" rear projection TV (52" wide, 28" deep, 60" tall); a lawn mower and a gas grill?

tv, lawn mower and bbq pick up

Answer: Yes, but it depends on the size of the lawn mower and grill. The volume of the tv is approximately 51 cubic feet, which would be under the minimum load size of 60 cubic feet. If you add in the lawn mower and grill you are most likely under the 1/6 of a load size of 80 cubic feet, which would cost you $138. If the lawn mower and gas grill are large, like if the mower was a riding lawn mower the volume may fall into the 1/4 of a load price, which would be $198. The more specific you are in your description of the items you have, the more accurate we can be with our estimate. If you would like an estimate or would like to schedule an appointment please call 1-877-404-5865 or book an appointment online.