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Trash Removal and Hauling

Trash bagged and ready for removal

Seattle's Trash Hauling Professionals

Whether you've got a few bags or a major trash removal project, Busby Junk Removal hauls all trash! We pickup trash at your home or business quickly, safely, and affordably. We strive to provide the excellent customer service, and recycle trash that we pick up when possbile.

Garbage Pick Up Services

What types of trash does Busby remove?
With a few exceptions (hazardous materials etc.), if it's trash, we haul it! We pick up household garbage, yard waste, old furniture, and just about everything else.

Partnering with local trash recycling operations, our junk trucks can remove large items (like old appliances or broken electronics) that most curbside trash removal companies won't accept.

Is Busby's trash removal service pick up only? (i.e. Will I need to drag all this trash to the curb?)
Busby Junk Removal provides complete trash hauling service - so there's no need to haul your trash out of the house. If you'd like, we're happy to come in and carry whatever trash you need removed out to the truck.

As you can see in the photos at left, we've tackled some serious trash hauling jobs. No matter the size of the trash pile, there's no trash problem that our removal team can't solve with a shovel - they're also among the most professional and courteous haulers in the business.

Schedule a Trash Pickup Online

Scheduling a Trash Removal Appointment

Want to schedule a trash pickup soon? It's quick and easy to book trash pick up online.

You can also book by phone - just call Busby at 1-877-404-5865

Trash Recycling and Disposal

What does Busby do with trash after it's hauled away?
Well, it depends what kind of trash we're removing, but Busby takes environmental responsibility very seriously - we make an extra effort to recycle trash whenever possible. The remaining trash is hauled to the local Transfer Station (dump), where it is disposed of properly.

Trash Pick Up Prices

How much will it cost to have my trash removed?
Busby Junk Removal charges by the volume that removed trash occupies in our Junk Truck. You can check out rate tables on our pricing page to calculate a rough price estimate, or feel free to call us at 1-877-404-5865 to receive a free quote.

Garbage Removal by Busby Junk Removal

No job too big, no job too small!

Trash Removal - Cutting a big trash pile down to size

Sometimes trash piles get out of hand and you need a trash-out service like Busby Junk Removal to haul it all.

The photo above is an actual example from a Busby trash removal job in Kent, WA. The photo below is the same house after cleaning up the trash and hauling the pile away.

Trash pile removed! Time to haul trash away