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Tenants leaving junk behind, do you need someone to come and haul it away? Do you have old appliances that need to be taken out immediately? We do both small and large junk removal projects inside and outside of the property. We have the resources to pick up and move around a one hundred appliances in one day. Give Busby Junk Removal a call at 1-877-404-JUNK or book a junk removal appointment online and save $10.

If you're an apartment manager or real estate agent, we offer discounts on real estate junk removal!

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Will Busby take old appliances from an appartment complex?

We haul appliances and we reycle all of them. Busby Junk Removal has a commitment to recycling and will pick up appliances.

Can I schedule a regular pick up from Busby Junk Removal?

Yes, if you need to have items that need to be picked up regularly we can have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly time and day that we pick up from your location.

Will Busby Junk Removal clean out items after one of the tennants has been evicted?

Yes, we will remove items after an eviction. Please warn us of possible health hazards so we can be properly prepared.

Will Busby Junk Removal pick up excess garbage around a dumpster?

Yes, Busby Junk Removal will pick up garbage left around your dumpster.