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Lakewood junk removal, hauling, disposal and recyclingLakewood Washington and junk removal truck

Lakewood's Complete Junk Removal Service: Pick up, Sweep, Haul and Dump

bee cleaning sweepingWelcome to Busby Junk Removal's Lakewood branch. If you would like to have your unwanted rubbish hauled from your home you can call on the busy bees at Busby. We want to haul for you, our junk removal service includes pick up from anywhere on the property, sweep up from debris droppings, hauling to the transfer station or recycling center and disposal of the old goods. We can haul basically anything and everything all at once except for hazardous waste. Some examples of what we do is furniture removal, appliance recycling, trash pick up, electronic recycling, mattress removal, and any other miscellaneous junk you can find. Please, if you need a junk hauler call Busby Junk Removal at 1-877-404-5865 or book online.

Lakewood Hazardous Waste Disposal:

old paintHousehold hazardous waste is one of the few items we can NOT take. However this does not include latex paint, which can actually be mixed with kity litter and thrown away as trash (make sure it is dry all the way though or you could have a messy trash can). This is NOT the same as oil or lead based paint, which is still considered harmful. To find more information on where to take your hazardous waste in Lakewood you can consult the city of Tacoma household hazardous waste page. If you would like to contact your city of Lakewood for more information click here.

Green Waste Recycling:

This link is for small amounts of residential yard waste if you need a large amount of yardwaste hauled away you can call Busby Junk Removal (1-877-404-5865) to remove you yard debris.

Lakewood Curbside Garbage Pick Up

garbage truckLive in Lakewood and need curbside trash, rubbish and garbage removal contact Lakewood Refuse (Le May). If you need a large amount of trash hauled in Lakewood you can also contact Busby Junk Removal at 1-877-404-5865.

Lakewood Junk Removal Bee

Junk Removal

Book Lakewood Junk Removal with Busby Junk Removal click here to schedule junk hauling and save $10.

Closest Transfer Station to Lakewood

junk transfer stationDo you need to visit the closest transfer station for the Lakewood area? The location for this transfer station is 3510 S. Mullen St.
Tacoma, WA 98409.

Appliance Recycling

appliance removal

E-Waste Recycling

e-waste, printers, computers, monitorsIf you need some old electronic equipment hauled away please give us a call 1-877-404-5865 or you can click this link for the federal way branch of PC Recycle, your local drop off location.