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What is Junk Removal?

Junk removal is a service that involves the pick up and removal of unwanted items. Depending on the items being hauled and the junk removal service provider the pricing will vary. Once the items have been removed from the property they are hauled away never to be seen again. They may end up going to a recycling center, a second use store, or a disposal station. Below are some examples of where items can end up after being removed from your location. At Busby Junk Removal our goal is to have 80% of our items not end up in our landfills.

Recycle Re Use Dispose
Seattle Iron and Metal
Second Use
Transfer Stations
Ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling center
Reseller of old construction supplies Collection and transfer of waste to landfill


Traditionally the junk removal service industry was a "one guy with a pick up truck" operation. There was always a lot of gray area when it came to price and quality. The owner of the junk removal company could basically charge whatever he felt the customer would pay, it was more about negotiating. The quality of the service was also in question because the owner did not necessarily register his business, have insurance or have quality standards. There was also an additional risk to the consumer, which was that a lot of these companies would dump the items illegally. Two possible ramifications occur when illegal dumping takes place, one is the environmental impact and the other is that the person who had previously owned the items may face legal issues.

Today times have changed, a new wave of professional junk removal companies have risen from this conventionally unprofessional group of haulers. Provided with this new set of standards are clean trucks, a clean well dressed crew, licensing, insurance and a professional appearance. These changes have greatly benefitted the customer, as they have a much more trustworthy, fair and speedy junk removal service.

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