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Factoria Transfer Station Location:

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What can I take to the Factoria Transfer Station?

The Factoria Transfer Station accepts non-hazardous waste and household hazardous waste. The non-hazardous waste can not be longer than 8 feet long, liquid, e-waste, explosive, burning, extremely dense, vehicle parts, or paint products and is placed into their trucks for transfer to a landfill. The hazardous waste must be taken separately to the right side of the transfer station and can not exceed 30 gallons. If you would like more information on the hazardous waste restrictions please visit the Factoria Transfer Station hazardous waste restrictions policy.



Factoria Junk Removal Bee

Here are the directions from Bellevue to the Factoria Transfer Station. If you would like to have something hauled to the dump we can help.

How can using a junk removal service be more cost effective?

Consider the time involved in hauling it there yourself, how long the line will be at the transfer station, and if you will have to make multiple trips. How much is your time worth, now add that to the cost of gas there and back, and the dumping fee, which is currently $102.50 per ton.

Consider Busby Junk Removal especially if you have a lot of items. The reason is because the more you have us haul, the cheaper the volume rate. Plus this saves you multiple trips.

We are junk removal specialists, you point out the junk, we give you an estimate, and if you like the price we take it away on the spot. Please hire Busby Junk Removal call 1-877-404-5865 or book online and save $10.junk truck