Text for FAST quote:
Text for FAST quote:
How much to remove a queen-size bed with its box, together with a king-size box? The bed is on second floor, will you take it from upstairs? Any extra charge for it?

tv, lawn mower and bbq pick up

Answer: The cost to remove a standard queen size bed with its box and a king size box only would be $138. The reason is that the combination of these three items will generally fall in the 60 to 80 cubic foot volume range, which is a 1/6 of a load for the Busby Junk Removal truck.

Will we take your junk from the second floor? Yes, we will pick up junk from anywhere on your property, but no we will not charge extra for moving the beds down the stairs. The only time we will charge extra is if your job takes over an hour for us to pick up and load, if so we charge $60 an hour for two men.

If you would like an estimate on your junk or would like to schedule an appointment please call 1-877-404-5865 or book an appointment online.